While it lasts.

Kadang suka sedikit kesel (dalam hati) pas pulang kerja dan ga bisa langsung nyantai. Liam selalu minta saya main Asphalt 6, Asphalt 7 atau game lainnya. Pas sedang nonton TV pun dia sering dengan sengaja menghalangi TV dan bilang” Lihat Liam aja pah” dan kemudian dia berjoget dengan gaya koreografinya sendiri. Selalu lucu walau kadang saya cuman pingin rebahan badan dan istirahat sebentar. Then I stumbled across this poem:

I won’t always cry ‘mommy’ when you leave the room,

and my supermarket tantrums will end too soon.

I won’t always wake daddy,for cuddles through the night,

and one day you’ll miss having a chocolate face to wipe.

You won’t always wake to find my foot kicking you out of bed,

or find me sideways on your pillow where you want to lay your head.

You won’t always have to carry me in asleep from the car,

or piggy back me down the road when my legs can’t walk that far.

So cherish every cuddle, remember them all.

Because one day, mommy, I won’t be this small”

I dont know who wrote this, but suddenly I realize that those constant nagging and requests won’t last forever. I should enjoy while it lasts.

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